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“17 Secrets to being Outrageously Successful in Professional Photography”

Many photographers are frustrated how the public perceives professional photographers. Newer professionals are looking for strategies that will guide them from the amateur world shooting for friends and family (for little or no money) to truly making a decent living. Established professionals are looking for answers to help them navigate through the new normal and reinvent their business. Hudson Success has the experience and PROVEN marketing, sales and business strategies to help professional photographers start and or grow their studio business. The results are that professionals at any level gain the confidence to succeed beyond expectations, make more money and command and receive more respect from clients and loved ones!  

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17 Secrets to be Outrageously Successful in Professional Photography


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What Photographers are Saying

"The Hudson methods work!  We start with Bruce and Josh’s methodologies EVERY TIME we need to make business decisions regardless if it is pricing, social media, marketing, branding…whatever!  Bruce has been our go to source for inspiration and advice for almost 30 years."

Elizabeth and Trey Homan
Master Photographers, Artistic Images, San Antonio, TX

"Bruce and Josh Hudson are the real deal. They understand our business and know how to make an incredible  living. There are no better marketing minds in our profession today. If you haven’t studied with these two, I highly recommend you do it as soon as you can to grow your business!"

Tony L Corbell, Fort Gibson, OK
Award-winning Photographer/Author

"I am pleased to announce that this year I celebrate 40 years as a full time professional photographer and studio owner. Much of my success and business longevity I owe to Bruce Hudson's marketing and sales ideas. A fan and student of his since the mid 1980's, attending his workshops and buying his programs has greatly helped me in this crazy competitive business. Bruce's marketing and sales ideas are specific to us professional photographers, step by step, cut and paste right in to your own studio. Real advice based on real clients and situations.  The secret to your long term success as a professional photographer is not the money spent on a new lens, new softbox or an upgraded camera body it's the money you spend on education. It's that simple. "

Robin Spencer 
Master Photographer Spencer Studio Ottawa, Canada

"I’ve been in business over 25 years and the Hudson’s are a big part of why! First Bruce, and then Josh, helped me understand pricing, marketing and sales which has been a large part of my success. They are friendly, easy to learn from, and what they teach stands the “test of time”."

T. Kirk Saint
Portrait Artist Tobias Portraiture, Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada

"I have known Bruce Hudson since 1984. It's always best to pay attention to people who have been in the business and thrived rather than fly by night, get rich quick photographers who don't have the insight that will offer long term success. He has learned the ups and downs and has survived the changes through digital and the internet to remain successful. He knows what works and what doesn't. I'm sure you will learn from Bruce and now his son Josh, the many ideas that will help your business grow and succeed."

Jeff Lubin
Fairfax, VA

"The Impact Bruce and Josh have had across the photographic industry is undeniable. They have a proven formula for success in studio marketing that they actually employ everyday in their profitable studio located near Seattle, WA. This dynamic father and son team can help you make a real difference in the marketing and sales of your work! My own studio has benefited from everything they do from sales to shooting techniques, and when I wanted my family photographed, I hired Bruce and Josh. "

Rob Behm, M.Photog., Hon.M.Photog., Cr., CPP
PPA Past President Owner - Valley Studio of Photography, Spokane WA

"I am forever grateful for Bruce Hudson and his 30 plus years of wisdom, and new ideas, that have come from taking his classes and just hanging out socially. I am lucky to call him a friend. You would think after 38 years full time it would be hard to teach me something new. But when I interviewed him and Josh [for my podcast], they blew my mind again! "

Luci Dumas
Master Photographer/Craftsman Professional Photographers America San Diego, CA


“17 Secrets to being Outrageously Successful in Professional Photography”

What does it take to be Successful in the world of professional photography today? Besides hard work and taking “pretty pictures” you need to understand how to market to the perfect client an learn how to sell your images for top dollar.
During this ____ minute free Masterclass Bruce & Josh share with you their 17 Secrets that will help you become Outrageously Successful in the Photography profession!


Why Hudson Success?

The Professional Photography business has changed drastically in the past two decades. Because of the popularity of digital photography and cell phones, the demand and perception of “what is Professional and what is quality?” has diminished our profession. Everyone is a photographer today. Those inspiring to become professionals need stepping stones and a guide for making the transition from the friend who takes really good pictures of my kids to a professional that charges what they are deserving. Established Studio’s have a whole different set of challenges to deal with today. Working with clients that “just want the digital images” and dealing with outdated marketing strategies that “don’t work like they used to”! Like any industry, there are an amazing number of “self proclaimed Gurus” that may talk a good game but are not “walking the talk” and providing Fake Education.

The father and son team of Bruce and Josh Hudson created Hudson Success with one purpose. To help elevate the professional photography industry by sharing NO BS Marketing, Sales and Business Strategies with their fellow photographers. The Hudson’s bring a combined 50 years of experience running a successful studio. Bruce understands the business from the Artist perspective while Josh, a Master Marketer, has the ability to create and implement unique marketing strategies at the speed of light! Hudson Success education also features other world class entrepreneurs from different areas of the business world that brings a new fresh viewpoint.

Being part of Hudson Success will give you a new vantage point to succeed in your business. You will receive some of the finest education in the world of professional photography. Bruce and Josh only share the “homeruns” that are working in their studio today. You’ll receive the tools and step by step programs that will help you attract the perfect client, enhance your bottom line and explode your bank account!
The Hudson’s have created and used the success strategies they share, you just need to implement them. You will gain confidence and end the frustration associated with running your business. You will sleep better at night and improve your personal relationships.



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