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This course will help you end your camera frustration and give you the confidence to create amazing images. This course is  taught by Master Photographer Bruce Hudson.  He shares his 40 years of experience and all his photographic secrets. This course is fun, easy to follow and will teach you how to create photography that your friends and family will be jealous of!

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Carla - Auburn, WA

I had a little camera knowledge but found Bruce’s instruction and tips extremely useful.  Bruce truly is an artist and a gifted teacher. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to take better images!

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Stephanie - Seattle, WA

It is always a treat to learn from somebody that really enjoys what they are doing. I have a much better understanding of my camera and a lot of great tips. I wish I had learned of your courses sooner!

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Mitch - Kent, WA

Bruce is passionate about photography and teaching others about how to be better photographers and having an appreciation for the art and science of it. I would highly recommend this class to anyone!

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Master Photographer & Master Educator Bruce Hudson designed this course for all skill levels!

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Here's what you'll learn during "7 Secrets to Exceptional Photography"

  1. Basic Function of Today’s Modern Digital Camera! You’ll learn and finally understand your camera!
  2. The Technical Stuff! You’ll learn and understand what all those buttons and settings do! But more importantly, you’ll actually learn how to best use them!  F Stops, Shutter Speed, White Balance, ISO (Light Sensitivity) & Proper Exposure!
  3. Image Composition! Here’s is where you will learn about the “artsy” stuff and how to give your images more impact with Leading Lines, Converging Lines, The Rule of 3rds, Symmetrical and “A” Symmetrical, & Creating a Center of Interest!

  4. Lighting Techniques! Learn how to light like a pro with Finding and Creating “Direction of Light”, Sun vs. Shade, Indoor/Outdoor, Natural Light vs. Light Modifiers and Flash

  5. Making Your Subjects Look Their Best! Bruce will share with you the secrets for making his subjects look their best like Proper Lens Perspective, Camera Angle, Posing, Expression, Spontaneity & Use of Props!

  6. It’s the Little Things! When it comes to bettering your photography, it’s all about refining the little things and looking for details. Bruce will show you how to turn what would normally be a snapshot into a work of art!
  7. Enjoying Your Images After You’ve Created Them! You’ve created them…now what do you do with them? Bruce will demonstrate the latest ways to enjoy your images as fine art prints, albums, slideshows, and more!

PLUS - You'll end the frustration, build your confidence and create images like a pro!


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From Jim in Renton...

"I have taken several online classes and none were as good as your instruction. For years I was a training manager and developed and delivered a lot of technical training so I am comfortable telling you that your concepts and delivery systems are top notch. 

Bruce's classes focus not just on the camera but the "12 inches behind the camera". In these classes you don't just learn how to operate your particular camera but you will understand the basic operation and application of this equipment in capturing your desired images. Bruce teaches the equipment without bias as to any particular brand and its refreshing to not feel like an instructor is making judgements on your equipment.
One the best parts of learning from Bruce is that I can look at a photograph and not only do I know how it was created but I can apply the concepts in my own photography. Being able to be intentional is empowering for a photographer as I no longer have to cross my fingers and hope I get the photograph I want"
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Hudson's Photo Workshops was created by National Recognized Master Photographer Bruce Hudson. Bruce has photographed Presidents, Governors & numerous celebrities! He has also photographed over 1200 weddings plus ten's of thousands of photo sessions all over the world. Bruce is a former High School teacher and has a passion for making photographic education fun & easy to learn. 

In addition to having a busy "shooting" schedule at his studio in the Seattle area, he teaches beginner & advanced photography to excited photo enthusiasts from all over the region! This course is an online version of his popular "7 Secrets to Exceptional Photography", named Seattle's Best Photography class! Bruce puts his 38 years of professional experience & creativity into both his photography for his clients, and sharing his secrets to students during his popular classes.

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A Message from Bruce

“Photography is a big part of everyone’s world today. Many people get frustrated because their Cell Phone does a much better job of capturing a photograph better than their fancy expensive camera. Where do you look to find the photographic education to become a better photographer? A 10 week Community College Course? Watch Youtube for countless hours or the neighbor next door? Most people don’t have the time needed to go to Night School or watch hundred of video’s on their computers. As an educator, I have found that what holds people back from learning, is the style in which they have been taught. As a professional photographer for nearly 4 decades and Master Photographer since 1990, I understand what it takes to learn a whole set of new concepts and principles. Going from shooting film to digital was not an easy transition for me. Having gone through those educational challenges myself, makes me the perfect instructor to teach others that want to learn today’s digital photography.

During the past 8 years, I’ve had the opportunity to share my photographic secrets to over 5000 photo enthusiasts in my studio near Seattle. My Class, 7 Secrets to Exceptional Photography, has been extremely popular and a pleasure to teach each time we offer it. With every class I teach, I feel I get a better grasp on ways to deliver the material that makes it easier for my students to learn.

Because of the popularity of my class and the recent world events that are happening, I decided to expand and modify my course for online distribution. Once you take my course, you’ll end any fear of the camera (Photophobia) and start enjoying photography without having to use your Smartphone. Your friends and family will be amazed at your new photographic prowess! I invite you to invest in yourself, and your photographic education today! See you in Class!”  Bruce

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Bruce shares his secrets and gives you photographic confidence!

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Congratulations! You now have the tools to create amazing photography!

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No matter what your skill level is (THE COURSE IS KID FRIENDLY!) or the type of camera you own, Master Photographer Bruce Hudson, will give you some of the finest photographic education  you will ever receive! After investing in this course, you will have the confidence to take control of your camera and create images that will "blow" your friends and families MIND!  You will discover the Secrets that professionals use every day and YOU'LL be able to use those concepts Immediately!